Un huevo al día

You can eatone egg a day

Historically, it was recommended to restrict the consumption of eggs to a maximum of 3 eggs per week, as a vascular prevention measure.

The origin of this myth was due to its high percentage of cholesterol, but it was not taken into account that the egg also contains substances that favor its absorption.

Nowadays, scientists have rectified, and numerous studies, first the Harvard School of Public Health, and later entities from many countries, have determined that there is no relationship between egg consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease, so…

You can consume one egg a day, if you have good health

Nutritional Information

Egg is a super food. It is the highest quality protein in nature, and is also considered by FAO as a key food to end hunger in the world.

Every 100 grams of eggs:

Información nutricional

Eating eggs has great benefitsin all stages of life


Enhance development
Eating eggs during pregnancy helps the development of the fetus, especially the correct construction of nervous system structures.


Enhance growth
The egg is a food with high protein value, essential to provide the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Prevents obesity
The egg is not fattening because it has few calories and a high number of nutrients. Also with its satiating effect prevent children from eating between meals.

Favors school performance
Eating eggs for breakfast helps children not be hungry in the morning so they can focus on school activities. Eggs have vitamins that boost the immune system defenses. They also contain choline that helps the proper functioning of the brain and memory.

Vida activa

Eggs have very beneficial properties for active people:

Source of quality proteins
Eggs have all the essential amino acids, therefore assist in rebuilding and maintaining the muscles.

Eggs are ideal to take care of your shape
Eating eggs for breakfast has a satiating effect that reduces food intake between meals.

Eggs serve for muscle recovery
Egg protein is easily absorbed by the body which makes it ideal to recover after a long run and also help eliminate muscle swelling after a hard workout.

Bone Strength
They contain vitamin D that intervenes in the elaboration of bone tissue.


Eggs improve memory and mental abilities.
Eggs contain a substance called choline that prevents deterioration of cognitive functions.

Eggs help in sight.
They also contain lutein and zeaxanthin that reduce the risk of cataracts and prevent macular degeneration.