Nº 2 Plus Free?

We, Ous Roig, produce eggs categorized as nº2, but the way they are farmed guarantees animal welfare too

The difference with other Nº 2 eggs?

Nº 2 other brands

They live inside a unit and NEVER go out.


2 Plus Free Ous Roig

Hens DO have access to go outside and can enjoy outdoors, pecking the ground and having sand baths, just like their sisters Nº 1.


What difference does it make with Nº 1 eggs?

Eggs Nº 1

In order to have a farm of 35,000 hens of the Nº 1, a surface of 4m2 per hen is needed, or what is the same, 14 soccer fields.


2 Plus Free Ous Roig


The hens have enough outside space to be themselves; up to 4m2 per hen.

Why do we produce them?

It allows us to market happy hen’s eggs at a more competitive price, so that everyone can access a quality egg that is committed to animal welfare.

Some of our farms are located in natural reserves of the Biosphere. So we can not have more space without having an impact on the environment.